Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday September 29, 2016 - Sunday shopping

I also went clothes shopping on Sunday. I found this new and larger thrift store and decided to try it. I was looking for some nice tops, dresses and of course bras.

The store had a nice variety but I needed more time to shop. By the time I finished grocery shopping and taking the food home, it was 6 pm before I got to the thrift store. The store closed at 8 pm.

Its a large store and I decided to check out the bra section first. But unlike my favorite store, this store puts the bras on hangers but they do not sort by size. So I went thru every bra. I can kind of figure out which bras are close to my size based on the band size and cup size.

I did find a 36A and 36B. The 36B has a bigger cup size than I need, but the bra was so pretty. Its the one with the color print and rhinestone. I only bought the 36B because it was so pretty. My test for buying something, is that if I put it back but keep thinking about it, then I go back and get it.

Next I decided to find some dresses. I noticed my problem is that I am now a size 12. I was an 8/10. I still like that 8/10 dress style which has a flat front. But my little stomach now requires me to look for an empire style instead of a tighter sheath  style dress.

I picked 5 dresses but could only fit into two of them. So my eyes are smaller than my body (LOL). The other three were too small.

I bought this sun dress. I like the hem length and the empire style. I am not sure I feel confident enough to wear a dress with spaghetti straps because of my shoulders. But I like it and I decided to buy it. I am going to wear it before it gets too cold and see how I feel.

I like this white, black and grey dress, but it was too short and too tight. This pictures do not show my protruding stomach. But I like the print. Darn! I put it backt.

I ran out of time as the store closed at 8 pm. I wanted to try on more dresses and find some tops. So I decided I will go back because they have a huge selection.

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