Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday September 2, 2016 - Dad's supporting their transgender children.

Growing up, I felt a little neglected by my father. He was busy with his business, politics, a radio talk show and helping the extended family in the neighborhood. He was the smart kid in the family that made good. Not just high school football player, SGA School President but also college, dental school and doctor.

I had fun growing up but when my "stash" was discovered, things changed. My Dad reduced his outside work to spend more time with me. I think he felt that spending too much time with my mother might make me gay.

It was cool, but the aversion therapy made me go deeper into the closet and become the son, my dad deserved. I was the oldest and I had to uphold the name and success.

But we never really talked about my transgender issues.

I know my Dad did the best he could and told me often that he loved me and how proud he was on me.

So I idealized my Dad because of what he accomplished and all of the good karma he sent out. I was on the receiving end of that good Karma that came back over many decades.

Now in the 2010's, understanding and acceptance is growing. I am so glad I am able to see this maturing in society. There will still be some down turns but the overall movement is up.

I found the short video below by HRC, very emotional. Its about fathers discussing supporting their Transgender children.

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  1. Your words today really hit home with me.I was also ignored by my dad and I think he sensed early on that I was not your average son. Never tossing a ball, no ball games attended. Since I never watched Dallas Cowboys football with the family, I think he knew but I am sure he had no Idea who I would become. Not a fan of my guitar playing either.Although he did seem to be proud of me when I began working on the air in Dallas. It is so wonderful that you two are connecting again.Best of luck. Love you blog Susan. Julia Marshall