Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday September 8, 2016 - Still having bra shopping problems.

Yesterday I went bra hunting again and came away empty, again.

Currently, I wear a 36A. My band measurement is 35, so a 34 is too tight. My issue is I know my chest is growing, so I do not want to invest too much money in 36A size bras.

Therefore, I am going to a few thrift stores to buy my bras. Goodwill just throws their bras in a bin which. I do not like. I like the stores in which the bras are on a hanger. In the store I purchased my first two (and only ones I have purchased so far), not only hangs them up, but sorts them by size. The problem I have at that store is that I could not find size 36A during my last two visits.

Yesterday, I tried a new larger thrift store that had a nice selection of bras hanging up. ( I decided not to use the word rack! LOL) They were not sorted by size, so I had to check each one of them. Some bras did not have the size tag on them. I noticed the more I looked at them, the better I got at judging both band and cup size. But I could not find a 36A.

The only reliable source for 36A bras are new bras in a retail store like Kolhs. But I do not want to invest that much money in bras that I may out grow soon. The last time I wore my pink bra (see picture), it left some impression marks on my chest. I think it maybe getting too small already. So if I spend money on some nice new bras and then I grow out of them in 3 to 6 months, I will be upset.

Last night I had a talk with myself. I have decided, I will begin to look for 36B sizes. There are many more of them in the thrift store. The cup size maybe a little big, but they give me room to grow and may last a year or two. I do not expect to get much bigger than a 36B because of age and sizes of female relatives.

This weekend I will try another bra hunt, this time for 36B.

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