Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday September 10, 2016 - 3rd Month Measurements

Below are my current measurements and the change since last month. The picture is followed an explanation and then a table showing the monthly changes since I began HRT.

The above chart shows that last month 6 of 7 measurements went down. Only my hips remained the same.

I think my weight reduction is due to a change in my eating. I now eat a vegetable plate for breakfast. For lunch or dinner, I eat a nice full salad. For the third meal, I will eat a basic meal with meat. Finally, late at night, I will eat some more vegetables. My caloric intake has dropped and I am no long hungry all of the time. During the first two months, my hunger was constant and difficult to control.

I think a lot of this shrinkage is due to muscle reduction. I continue feel the loss of strength and now its showing up in my measurements.

The area from my under breast (bra band) to my shoulders shrunk the most. The difference between my upper breast area and bust size increased from 2 inches to 2.5 inches which makes the breasts stand out more even though my breast line reduced 1 inch. The difference between the area under my breast line (bra band) and my bust line shrunk slightly from 4 inches to 3.75 inches.

My waist at my belly bust did reduce slightly by 0.50" inch. That is better than last month when it increased 1 inch. I am happy that my waist is shrinking again. It went down 2 inches during the first 30 days.

My hip measurement has not changed but the shape of them is much rounder. I must be losing muscle in the area. My hips use to be more concave but they are decidedly rounder.

My thighs reduced slightly by 0.50" while in the previous months there were no changes.

I am ready to get back in the gym. Over the next 30 days, I am going to try and go to the gym 12 times. I am going to start off slow and attempt to reduce my overall size while hopefully maintaining or increasing the differences between the upper and lower breast area versus my bust size. I was afraid to workout because I did not want to lose ant fat that was accumulating on my breasts. But, if I can keep the size difference between my breast line and the upper and lower area, I will be satisfied. This could help my bra hunting by getting my band size 34 inches or lower and thus would allow me to wear a 34B. I found many more 34B bras than 36A at the thrift store.

Also, I hope the measurements of my shoulders and hips will continue to equalize.

45.0 43.0
ABOVE BREAST 37.0 37.0 37.5 36.0
BUST LINE 38.0 39.0 39.5 38.5
BRA BAND 36.0 35.0 35.5 34.75
WAIST@BELLY BUTTON 38.0 36.0 37.0 36.5
HIPS 40.0 40.0 40.0 40.0
THIGHS 37.0 37.0 37.0 36.5
THIGHS VS SHOULDERS -- 5.0 5.0 3.0

I am looking forward to my next measurements after adding a workout schedule.

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