Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday September 22, 2016 - Male Fail

In male mode I basically wear dress shirts or casual shirts everyday. Due to growing up with gynecomastia, I only wear T-shirts when I swim. I do not think I can swim in boy mode anymore. Especially by next summer.

I have noticed lately that my male shirts are beginning to fail me. Once, in August, while out with Karen, she mentioned that from certain angles she could tell my breasts were growing. So I stopped wearing certain shirts.

Now, I notice the number of failing shirts is increasing. Most of my winter dress shirts are sold colors. So with winter coming, I am going to Goodwill to find some new ones. As it gets colder, I may also need some new jackets and sweaters.

I will present female more in 2017 and present full-time later in 2017. But I am afraid my male mode may fail before that time unless I get a wardrobe upgrade.

Its hard to show in pictures, but here are a few picture of one fall and one summer shirt that represent most of my male shirts. I took a front and side picture of each shirt..

The first picture is with a summer shirt. I stopped wearing this shirt in August 2016. This is a recent photo and its shows this shirt failing. The creases point toward my breast line which is pushing my side pocket outward. I figured if there was that much of an indication while standing straight. This shirt would probably show more throughout the day as I move around.

The next shirt is one of my heavier, full sleeve winter shirt. I would probably start wearing this shirt in later October or November. The front view shows the pockets are beginning to be pushed apart. The side view shows creases pointing toward my breast line. By the time I start wearing this shirt, I think I might fail.

This weekend or maybe later today, I am going to buy some newer and slightly larger size shirts with prints. I am going to need to wear these new shirts all winter, so they will need more more in them.

I am worried about my jackets. I maybe alright with my sweaters because most of my sweaters have prints. I will check them out around late November.

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