Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday September 15, 2016 - My Teddy Bear

I finally bought a cute teddy bear. I washed it in the washing machine, inside a mesh container. I watched a few YouTube videos first to learn the best way to wash my teddy bear. After I washed it, I let it air dry outside in the 90 degree plus heat.

I added a little lavender into the wash to give it a nice smell. The last few nights I have slept with my teddy bear. It feels so soft and smells sooooo nice. I have enjoyed snuggling and sleeping with my bear as it helps me sleep better .

Now I want to give him/her a name. I got to figure that out in the coming days.

Here I am with my teddy bear. I could not get my Teddy Bear to smile.

Maybe I am too much like Elmyira. LOL

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