Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday September 28, 2016 - Grocery Shopping on Sunday

Sunday, after exercising and then cleaning up around the house. I decided to go grocery shopping. I ended up going to three different stores as I gathered my food  needed for the week.

Overall, it was so empowering to be perceived as a woman. It's because I am a woman. I now have female hormones traveling within me. I know from the mirror, that I am looking more feminine everyday.. The most powerful part is that I no longer consider myself a crossdresser trying to pass. This mental state radiates outward to the people around me.

All day, people used female pronouns without hesitation or a funny look. Words like ma'am, miss, honey, lady and woman were used. I had doors opened by men all day. I had a few slow down as they got to the door and then open it for me in anticipation of my arrival. Something, I use to do just to get a better look. Lol

I received two very nice compliments from other woman. I knew they perceived me as a woman because of the conversation and how they approached me. In both cases, I used a relaxed voice and had a conversation with them.

The first lady stopped me as I was walking into the first grocery store and stated she loved my hair. I could tell she was not sure, if it was a weave, wig or my own hair. She did not ask. She stated she loved the style and look and asked if I did it myself. Before I could answer she said she was looking to add some weave into her hair, so she could get a look like mine. I told her that I had it done. She asked where. I gave her directions and she knew the area and was going to go. The reason I knew she could not tell whether it was my hair because she did not make any assumptions about my hair until I said something. I did not say it was a wig or weave, just that I had it professionally done.

The second lady walked up to the food counter where I was waiting for some takeout chicken tenders and stated she loved my top. I told her thank you. She then looked at the empty food bins behind the counter and stated she was upset they did not have anymore fried chicken wings. I told her that the guy was cooking some and he stated to a previous customer that they would be ready in 3 minutes and she had reserved 3 wings. So I mentioned to the lady next to me to ask the employee working on my order about the wings.

When the employee came back with my chicken tenders, the lady asked her about the wings and the cook said from behind the deep fry that the wings were ready. The employee bagged 4 wings and the customer said thank you to her and me. I walked over and decided to get some chili. The lady walked over to me and stated how she loved the chili. I told her that this is not my favorite grocery store, but I like their chicken tenders and decided to try some chili. After I got my chili, we both walked over to the checkout counter and talked about how this store is nice but they are so busy that they sometimes run out of cooked food. I mentioned that I was buying my food for the week. She was doing the same thing. I felt from her demeaner and our conversation, that it was two woman talking. It felt sooooo good.

At one store, during checkout I had to show my ID. I just whipped out my guy ID and showed it to her. She matched my ID name with my debit card and did not miss a beat checking me out.

I am so grateful, I spent two years going out as a feminine male and learned that not matching my picture was not an issue anymore. My doctor has a free service to help transpeople change their ID. I told him I will let him know when I am ready. But I am OK with the mismatch.

I ended up with some good meals for the week. I made some  spaghetti with meat sauce, bought some chicken thighs on sale that I baked, got those chicken tenders, a bowl of chili and items for my salad.

Overall ,it was a new normal and I loved it.

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