Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday January 16, 2015 - Makeup Play Day

Thursday, I spent a few hours playing with my makeup. I worked mostly on the eyes and lips. I will add this makeup to my mascara during my next Femboy outing.

I like my attempt at eyebrows but the eye shadow was nice too light. I did a lot of blending but it was still too light. I am going to use much more next time because with my glasses, the eye shadow will be hard to see anyway.

Four eye shadow colors were used. First I used a color that matched my skin tone as a base. Then, I applied white to line the front of my eyelids and around my eyebrows. Next time I will cover my whole lid in white. A dark color was used in the crease and finally a purple was applied to the outer half of my lid.

I like my lips. I used lip liner first to outline and fill-in my lips. Then I added a light coating of lipstick followed my clear lipgloss. While a femboy, I like a little shimmery color on my lips.

I did not add foundation. The foundation I have is too old and I will do not wear it while in Femboy mode. I think foundation, unless very light, belongs to my women mode.

The pictures in the album shows my face after eight days of no shaving. It looks to me that the beard shadow is almost gone.

Below is an album of pictures I took after working on makeup. It includes two closeups and a few picture of me with my head of hair (wig - lol). I wanted to see what I look like in women mode. Click on that album below to see more pictures (8 Total).

I spent over two hours having fun and listening to soothing music.

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