Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday January 7, 2015 - Mature Drag Queen Video

I hate the label drag queen, it always seemed like a derogatory term to me. I like female impersonators better. The author uses drag entertainers.

Below is an interesting short movie about three mature female impersonators. Its a window into aging within our community, I enjoyed learning about it. I hope you enjoy it.

Beautiful By Night from James Hosking on Vimeo.

A documentary following three older drag entertainers at Aunt Charlie's Lounge in San Francisco's Tenderloin. With Olivia Hart, Collette LeGrande, and Donna Personna.


  1. Susan -

    I make a distinction between female impersonation and "drag". The former tries to emulate a female, without any excess exaggeration of the female presentation. Drag goes one step beyond, using that excess to highlight things we would not notice about females. Both are art forms, but they go in different directions from their starting points.


  2. M,

    Thanks for the explanation. Now it makes better sense to me.