Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday January 12, 2015 - One of my Favorite Nightwear Outfits

One thing I love about womanhood is the variety of clothing options. Even at night, you can wear a variety of night clothes that match your mood and/or the temperature. I love the challenge of creating nice outfits with a limited budget.

During the winter, I wear both a top and bottom fleece outfit with cozy socks.

Below is my favorite fleece outfit because I created it from a variety of stores over a 30 day period.. I bought the following clothes from Goodwill and Family Dollar by visiting many stores and hunting for that right piece. Then when you find it at the right price (on sale) and in the right size....BINGO!!!!

I found this black and white fleece top at a Goodwill in the women's night gown section. I fell in love with it because of the hoodie. I had not seen a night top with a hoodie before. The black and white color was nice, but the pick trim and tie strings with puff balls, sold me. I tried it on and it fit perfectly.

During the cool fall nights, this top was enough. But I knew with winter coming, I needed more.  I wanted some pants to go with them.

After visiting over 10 thrift store, I finally found these night pants. I could not believe I found them in my size and they seemed to match the top I bought weeks earlier.

I could believe my luck and they had the 50% of color tag. I ran to the front and bought them.

It makes my day when I find this kind of deal.

I already had these slippers that would match this outfit. So at night when I am walking around the house, working or watching TV, I wear these slippers.

They are very warm and comfortable. I think I bought them at Payless (size 12).

I found these two pair of cozy socks at Family Dollar. They give me two options to wear to bed. My feet get cold and I wear a pair of these socks to bed during the winter. They both have plastic dots along the bottom to stop skidding. However, I put them on once I take off the slippers and get under the covers.

I already had these panties. They match the outfit, perfectly. The pink trim and black and white panels.

I feel very cute and feminine, in this outfit. It helps me sleep better and reminds me of when I was very young and slept in my mother's night clothes.

Below are some pictures of me this outfit.

This is just the top and panties. I love the length of them and I sometime wear just this, when its not too cold.
 This is the top with my matching slippers.

This is the complete outfit with the black and white cozy socks. I am ready for bed during these winter months.

Do you have a favorite nighttime outfit? 

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