Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday January 24, 2015- Femboy Shoe Shopping

Yesterday, my post was about the boots I tried on. This post is about the heels. I love heels but since I do not wear them much, I do not want to put my hard earned money is heels. At this point in my journey, my money is going in my beard removal and femboy outfits. Heels are not part of that look. Yet, I was thinking that maybe lower heels can be added this year.

I tried many heels but the pictures were not that good. So, I will show only two pair that I tried on. I did not have good pictures for the others. Darn.

The pair below was nice but they did not fit well in the front. The front panel had a crease in it that I could not straighten out. It just did not lay along the front of my foot the way it should.

But I like the way my toes look in these shoes. The french tip nail polish still looks great. The shoe has a zipper in the back but the straps can not be tightened. This caused the shoes to remain too loose around my ankle and I think this caused the front panel to not sit well down the front.

I think the strap look is cute and it opens my feet for a sexier look. The heel is a little low but it works.

I tried on a few pointed toe shoes but they make my foot look too long. Also these are inexpensive shoes that are hard and they hurt my feet. The open toe strap shoes feel better and did not hurt. However, after wearing them all day, I do not know.

This caramel strap heel was a very nice heel. The photo I took was poor. But I liked this heel the best. It had a zipper in the back but the straps around the ankle could be tightened. This made the whole shoe fit better on my foot because the shoe was tighter around my ankle and laid tight around the rest of the foot.

My toes looked good and I love the color. I do not have an outfit that matches this color.

I decided not to buy this shoe. But if I did, I would have bought for the purpose of developing a fall outfit that matches with a nice shirt or dress that has a hem slightly above the knee.

I enjoyed trying on the heels and again had no stares or looks during my time. There was a lady with three pre-teen girls looking at shoes in the same area. She was looking for herself and her daughters were helping her. They saw me trying shoes on and said nothing. They concentrated on helping their mom and wanting some shoes for themselves.

This reminds me of the time last month when I bought my pea coat. I was waiting in line behind three teenage girls. They noticed me but said nothing and concentrated more on their phone and talking among themselves about what they bought.

The youth know about us from their internet browsing and social networking. I think they consider us part of the community and no longer a novelty.

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