Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday January 30, 2015 - My Femboy Day

I spent yesterday in Femboy mode. My plan was to finish my work by 1 pm and get out and run errands in the afternoon.

Well it did not work out that way. It took me all day to finish my work and email the finished product. By 5:45 pm, it was too late to run most of my errands because the traffic is too bad.

However, my work caused me to go out and take some pictures. So I went out around 11 am to take the photos. My first stop was to take some photos of a vacant lot on a back side street with vacant homes.

As a guy I would not think twice about getting out and taking the photos. But this time I had two issues, the cleanliness of my clothes and safety.

Both my jacket and boots were creme color. So I was very careful where I stepped and make sure I did not brush up against anything or step in any trash. As you can see the road was narrow and the street is unkept.

The safety issue was due to being on a narrow side road with mostly vacant and boarded houses. As a femboy, I understand that there are predators who may feel that a feminine guy is an easy mark. So I made sure of my surroundings and did not linger. I took a picture and then jumped in the car to the next spot.

I had no issues. Even when I was on the main street and had to get out and take some picture of the surrounding businesses.

Once I finished, I decided to visit another property, since it was nearby. It was a boarded up 3 building apartment complex. When I pulled up, I noticed a car parking in the rear lot. So with safety in mind, I stayed in my car and drove to each building and took a picture.

When I got to the front, I got out and took some street scenes and additional building shoots. Then I noticed that car, parked in the back, pull up next to my car. Now that red car was between me and my car. This young guy got out and I noticed a security badge and jacket. He asked if I worked for the new owner. I told him no and that I was working for the broker. He stated that he met the broker and they talked for a long time. The broker is an old associate of mine and he does talk alot.

Well this young security talks a lot too. He is interested in real estate investing. So we spent over 30 minutes talking about investing. When I was young I invested in real estate. My strategy was to buy low and sell high, which I did.

For example, I knew the real estate market was in trouble in 2005 and 2006. So I sold all my investment properties by December 2006.

I told him I was too old to start over again but I gave him my ideas on how he can become wealthy through long-term investing. Then I sent him contact information on three young guys in the market now and he should connect with them and build his network.

Through all of this, he did not appear to notice how feminine my appearance was. From my lipstick, jewelry, boots, jacket and leggings we talked like I was in boy mode. He was friendly and I talked using my guy voice. He called me sir, which did not bother me because I am not trying to pass when in Femboy mode.

We exchanged cell phone numbers and we have since texted back and forth about real estate. I told him to contact me anytime if he has any questions. I alway try and help the younger generation. I tell them that I am looking for my replacement. :-}

As I drove off, I could not help but think how times have changed so fast. I think its social networking and smartphones. Everyone is connected and people are accepting so much. Look at how same-sex marriage, as an issue has changed in the last 10 years.

People are becoming more accepting because its not an unknown nor is it scary. With just a few clicks or screen touches, you can see and learn about anything.

Think about it, you now have transgirls and transguys in high school students winning school pageants.  As we get out, we can help accelerate that change by engaging people. That guy, I met today may or may not talk to his friends about me, but I bet from our meeting a feminine guy is not to be dismissed.

Its the same situation I had at Ultra Beauty, where I met the young makeup artist. We are still in contact and I have helped her make two connections within the movie making industry.

Each one teach one.

So it was another very successful, yet brief femboy outing.

BTW, those boots are so comfortable. Not only do they look great but they feel great and kept my feet nice and warm. I wore knee-hi stockings underneath them. I had no rubbing issues and I think socks my have created too much warmth.

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