Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday January 14, 2015 - Feet and other items

I have always thought my feet look good in stockings.I remember when I was under 10 and wearing my mother's stockings. I always liked how my feet look. I am wearing tights today because its so cold outside. The french tip polish from my pedicure at the nail shop still looks good. I like the way they highlight and frame my feet in the tights.

This is why I love open toe shoes. Last summer, I wore a pair of peep toe shoes when in femboy mode. I loved the look and will try it again this summer.


This weekend I added a set of links along the right column with my Redditt Links. I forget to mention this earlier. I have 5 links and they have some good information. I like it, but it seems to cater more toward the younger transgender community. 

Check them out and tell me what you think.

Earlier, I posted two reader survey questions. You can still respond. See the tab along the top menu. Here are the results so far: The top three answers for both questions are listed below.

55-70        53.13%
45-55        21.88%
70+           12.50%
TOTAL    87.51%

Readership is definitely older. I am 58 years old and it appears I am reaching my peer group. There are a lot of us who had to hide because of the era we grew up in. I hope my blog will motives more of us to break the mental chains and enjoy life. It goes so quick.

See more of:
My femboy outings     52%
Clothes                      48%
My Thoughts             44%

This question allowed for multiple answers. Over half want to see more of my outings with clothes a close second. I definitely love my outings and clothes, so I will have many more posts about those subjects.

I am glad so many readers like my thoughts. Its part of my process of breaking the chains put on me by the psychologists I visited back in the early 70's. 

I am sure my parents meant well. By the 1990's my mother had no problem with it and my Dad did not acknowledge it. He just did not want to see me dressed, I asked him once in 1992. 

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