Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday January 15, 2015 - Yeah!! I found it.

I have been looking for these boots since early December 2014. I fell in love with these boot but could not find it in my size. I tried 10 different store locations around Metro Atlanta, but could not find my size. I did find them on-line in my size but they were $10 more ($50) plus shipping. I could not afford them at that price, so I gave up.

But yesterday, I found a pair in my size and on sale for $25! I was at the grocery store and decided to go to the shoe store next door. I was just browsing to see if they had anything new.

Then I saw the boot. I love this boot because I wanted a boot with fur and buckles. This one has both and I like the color. The best part is that my legs are thin (but shapely, lol) and boots are to big around the top. They make my legs look like sticks. This boot has the string in front that allow me to tighten to boot around my legs.

So I bought them. I really needed a pair because its cold and wearing flats make my feet cold.

Another reason I like these boots, is that they match the coat I bought from Kohls. Not only the color matches, but also the fur around the hoodie matches the fur on the boots.

 I am going to wear this on my next femboy day out. I have been so busy and my oldest daughter is using my car until Friday. So I have not had the chance to get out. I had a few femdays last week around the house. But nothing beats getting out.

I am excited to wear this outfit

Here I am trying on the outfit with my dark blue jeggings. The boots maybe a little too feminine for my femboy look, but I am going for it. I love the look. I need a nice turtle neck sweater to complete this outfit. I want a sweater with a big fluffy collar in a color that stands out from the jacket. Also, I would like the sweater to have some unique print design or unique collar design.

This made my day. I love the variety and fun you can have with women clothes.

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