Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday January 4, 2015 - I learned something from my grandkids

My oldest daughter and her husband have two young children. A boy (John) and a girl (Mary) ages 4 and 6 respectively. These are my first two and only grandchildren.

They live in the same town as my wife and I. We kept them for a week during Christmas, so my daughter and son-in-law could save on daycare and hide the gifts.

Please bear with me while I give some texture to this story. I promise you, there is an important lesson to learn.

My granddaughter is a very prissy girl who loves dresses and playing with dolls, makeup and clothes. My youngest daughter, was and still is just like her. She loves to show affection and is very good at puzzles. My youngest daughter is a TV reporter and my granddaughter has that same personality traits. She loves attention, very vocal and personable.

My grandson is a rough and tumble boy. He is solidly build and loves to play with cars, trucks, balls, and tools. He is constantly breaking things and trying to rebuild them. He eats only when he is hungry but inhales his food. He has a high threshold for pain and is build and has that look of a middle linebacker. If he does not get his rest, he becomes a bully and will not listen to reason.

Well, I took them to the toy store and told them they could each buy four toys. Now remember, I am frugal, so the toy store was Goodwill and I went on senior day to save another 25%. At their age, they are just excited to get "new" toys. After the week with us is over, I will take the toys they did not play will and donate them back to Goodwill. The tax write-off will cover the cost of the toys.

They each had about 10 toys in the cart. We narrowed them down to four each. My granddaughter had two dolls, a fake makeup kit and a little stuffed penguin. My grandson has a bag of ten toy cars (considered 1 toy), a ball, a spiderman action doll and some kind of grappling tool used to grab things. With the senior discount, it cost be about $15 with tax.

Eventually we got home and I let them play with their toys. After a long time of playing, Mary started crying because she wanted to play with one of John's cars that he was playing with. Well, John had 10 of them so we settled on Mary playing with a few of the other nine cars. This is a first indication that they are sleepy.

Then Mary yelled, "No John, you can not play with my toys because they are girl toys". So, John went back to playing with his toys. Mary got this idea of boy versus girl toys from her parents. I have seen them tell John the same thing before.

Now let me say there is no indication that either of my grandchildren have gender or sexual-orientation issues. But my grandson is not allowed to play with any of Mary's toys? Even her stuffed penguin?

Then it hit me. 

Mary as a girl could play with any toy in the room. But John was relegated to only half the toys. How is that equal rights?

To me John has every right to say that if he can not play will all the toys in the room, then neither can Mary. Or visa versa, if Mary can play with all the toys, than so can John.

Playing with toys do not cause gender or sexual issues. Its not like there are cooties on certain toys.

Now the lesson.

Since the early 1900's, women have slowly gained full access to the whole closet. They can wear pants, skirts, men shirts, ties, short shorts, makeup.......

But men have access to only half the closet.

Therefore, if women really want equal rights, then either men should have full access to the whole closet or women should go back to having access to only half the closet.

I remember growing up when it was a big issue about letting girls wear to pants to school. I remember guys equating that to boys wearing skirts. As a protest, some boys worn skirts and were sent home. Eventually the women won but men did not get the right to wear skirts.

So as a Femboy, I am just exercising my equal right to access the full closet. If women can play with my clothes, why can't I play with their clothes?

Now, I can not wait until someone says something negative toward me as a f Femboy. I am going to state my right to access to full closet!

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