Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday January 25, 2015 - Free Breast Health Screening

I received some information about a free breast health screening in Atlanta, Ga. Not everyone who reads this blog lives in Metro Atlanta, but if you are close or can get here using low cost transportation, take advantage of this program.

You may not to take advantage of this program.

The transgender and gender non-conforming day to receive these services is:

Saturday, 2/14 at Absolute Care. If you could send this message out to lists you’re on or directly to individuals that may be interested, that would be fantastic.


Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Breast Health Screening Day
Saturday, Feb 14th @ Absolute Care 9am-1pm
Free Clinical Breast Exams & Mammograms
Must be 35 years or older to receive mammogram
To Register:

  • Select Feb. 14th as desired date.
  • Once you have completed this short form, you will receive additional info regarding the day, including the ability to pick your appointment time.

Trans individuals are welcome to access services on these alternate days, but the date at Absolute Care is what we recommend for trans folks that can make it. There will also be services available on the dates listed below (non-trans specific dates): 

  • Thursday, 1/29 at Good Samaritan of Gwinnett; 
  • Wednesday, 2/11 at Feminist Women's Health Center; 
  • Thursday, 2/19 at Good Samaritan of Gwinnett
Through funding provided by Susan G. Komen, the Health Initiative is offering free breast exams and mammograms for those that need them. We have set aside one of the community screening days specifically for transgender and gender non-conforming folks. Our Komen grant manager is very supportive of this effort, which is fantastic. We are striving to create the safest space possible for folks to receive these exams, and are hoping to receive a good turnout that can help us build momentum to continue these trans* specific events with Komen support.

It is recommended that transmen that still have breast tissue (no top surgery) and transwomen who have been taking hormones long enough to develop breast tissue should receive breast health screenings after age 35. While the mammogram portion is generally not needed until age 40, we can make exceptions for those at least 35 years of age that may have a reason to go ahead and get that screening (i.e. Family history).

Thanks for helping to spread the word,


Laura Kissock, MPH, CHES
Program Associate
The Health Initiative
"Georgia's Voice for LGBTQ Health"

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