Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday January 20, 2015 - Femboy Day

Final I will get back out and experience life looking how I feel, as a femboy. I have an electrology appointment in the morning with my new local electrologist. Its just a weekly 1 hour cleaning. I want to see how this works before I decide when and if I go back to Dallas E3000.

After that appointment, I need to go to the bank, Goodwill and then back home to work. I will probably go out for lunch first, then home.

Over the next few days, I will blog about my experience.

Depending on how cold it will be when I leave the house (expected to be 46 degrees), I have picked out three outfits.

This outfit is green based with a creme sleeveless sweater under a new heavy windbreaker. I love the color of the windbreaker. I just do not know if its going to be warm enough.

I love the colors in this windbreaker. It works with brown, green and creme color outfits.

I added green pants and a brown laced shoes. I know the weather will start out cool but will quickly increase to 60 degrees. This outfit is for the warmer weather, but I think it will keep me warm early. I added green based undergarments and brown tights.
 This outfit is similar to the above outfit except I am wearing my warmer creme  hooded jacket. I will wear this if the weather is cooler. The problem with this outfit is the sweater blends in with the jacket. There is not enough of a contrast.

This third outfit is not green based. I changed my sweater to blue and built the rest of this outfit based on that blue sweater. The blue sweater provides that contrast with the jacket. So I added my blue jean leggings and a pair of blue flats with a bow on the front.

Also the blue sweater provides more warmth and cover for my neck. I will have to roll that blue sweater down, away from my neck for the electrologist.

I do not have blue tights, so I put on some neutral stockings. I like the flats so much, that I may swap out the brown shoes for a pair of light brown flats in the previous two pictures.

I will let you know Wednesday which outfit i wore and I will take pictures while out.

I am going to wear one of the above three outfits.

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