Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday January 8, 2015 - Another Femboy Day

Wednesday was another day in the office. I have a big project which I need to complete this week. So I played with my Femboy outfits. Below is the outfit I picked.

Also, I gave myself a manicure and polished my nails with a clear polish. My toes still look good from my earlier pedicure.

 Today, it was cold outside, so I decided to use a green wool pullover hoodie as my base piece of clothing. I built the rest of my outfit around this hoodie. I put on some dark leggings over a pair of black tights.

I put on a dark green/grey flats that tie into my hoodie.

I like this outfit for cold days. The hoodie is warm along with the tights and leggings.

Under the hoodie, I wore a green spaghetti strap tank  top. This top has a built in shelf bra. Notice the green top showing under the hoodie. I added a green pendant. 

I put on a white scarf, which I bought at Payless. The scarf is soft but thin, so it is not that warm. But it is nice. I adjusted the scarf so that my green tank top and pendant shows.

I put on these four rings. I like the green one. I bought the green ring from the same beauty store where I bought  my newest wig.

I put the gold "snake" ring on my pinky finger. The ring on the
left was put on my wedding finger and the second on the left was put on my left hand, using the finger next to the thumb.

Here is my outfit for the day. You can see the hoodie. I wore a brown hat. As a femboy, I do not wear makeup, except mascara and lip gloss. The hat covers my bald head. Again when in Femboy mode, I do not wear a wig.

I have the worst case of male pattern baldness. So I keep my head shaved. Therefore, I need a wig (as a woman) or a hat (as a femboy).

When in boy mode, I keep my head shaved.

I think this is a cute outfit. I love the look and it makes all of my exercising worthwhile.


  1. I like the way you build your outfits. No one ever said being properly dressed is easy.

    I also like the three stages of your presentation. Most "T" folks tend to have a guy side and a girl side. You seem to have both but have found a middle ground in Femboy mode.

    I tend to see myself as the same person regardless of presentation but I also tend to break things down into thirds.

    I have to work in male mode and I interact with all friends, family, etc. as the guy that they have know for my 62 years. Of course they would likely be surprised to know that under my slacks I have on panties and pantyhose.

    In my condo I will often have on a skirt or dress with pantyhose but not go the full nine yards of adding makeup and a wig. I will often be wearing a bra with forms and a cami or slip and more often then not wear heels.

    When time or opportunity presents itself I do like to go the full nine yards and add the wig and makeup and perhaps some accessories. If I am home on a weekend with my wife I am learning to cook and will get fully dressed while doing my best in the kitchen.


  2. I agree with you, Pat. Sometimes, I do not want to get all dressed up with makeup and a wig. The Femboy mode works great because I can wear women clothes with a hint of maleness. It solves my femininity desires, but I do not have to worry about passing. I have yet to have receive a negative response. But I have had many positive reactions.

    I admit that sometimes I hesitate when getting out of the car. But my confidence grows with each outing because of the response.

    You should slowly try it. Just wear a pair of female skinny jeans. Then add a pair of flats. Next add a nice top with a jacket.

    I saw a guy at the gym with a pair of footless tights under his shorts. It was bitter cold and he looked every bit of a man. Who knows, but no one said a word or looked over at him. I wish I has a pair because my legs were freezing.