Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday January 28, 2015 - MTF Voice

I love my Femboy look. Going out is not only natural but I am not under pressure to pass. However, as I move forward, I must decide whether to stop my journey here or move forward to a more female appearance.

As I continue to feminize, then I will be moving from Femboy to Female. Female mode will require better makeup and voice to make passing easiler.

At this time my main issue is that economically I need to spend most of my time as a male. However, I am changing my job and work and telling people around me in an attempt to be live in a feminine mode more often without reducing my income too much.

I have been researching makeup, voice and hair. I have written recent posts on hair and makeup, but not voice.

Today, I wanted to write about voice and include some of  the resources I use.

Currently my voice is very male. I have tried to feminize it, but I have not been able to practice enough. The technology is changing that makes developing a practice routine easier.

I use a phone app called PitchLab. It allows me to use my cellphone to practice and get feedback. This app is setup for guitars and the music industry but works great for instant feedback. I practice by talking into my phone and watching the meter. I also record my practice, so I can play it back.

For me the main problem is getting use to the internal hearing for my voice as I speak. I am not confident enough to trust my female voice during normal interaction with the public. But like makeup, I continue to practice and build my confidence.

Below are some of the videos I watch, a couple of nice reddit sites and a podcast.

Also there are some good Reddit sites:
  1. Transvoice
  2.  Ask Transgender - Voice

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