Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1, 2015 - Weight Control

I stated earlier that between February 2010 and August 2011, I lost about 60+ lbs through diet and exercise.

My original goal was not based on weight but waistline. In Feb 2010 my waistline was 45 inches. I was under stress,  due to the economic crash. I saw some clients and friends drop dead from strokes, heart attacks and cancer. I did not want that to happen to me.

Also, I had a physical and was told I was becoming diabetic. I said to myself, "hell no", I am not going to take insulin for the rest of my life.

I read an article that talked about men and waistlines. So I decided to see if I could exercise to reduce my waistline. I remember having a 32 inch waist in high school or college because I was buying 32X32 pants.A 32 inch waistline  was going to be my goal.

I called my brother and asked to use the gym at his apartment complex. I started on my favorite machine, the stationary bike. Every week I charted my measurements. Eventually, I added weighing myself. I was at 223 lbs when I started tracking my weight, but I had already lost some weight. Over the next 9 months my weight dropped to 200 lbs and my waist to 45 inches. Then I hit a plateau.

I stubbled upon a web site called I added the app to my phone and began to control my calories. It was amazing how many hided calories I was eating everyday. I switched to light calories products still tasted good (light mayo).

Once I started controlling calories and exercise, my weight dropped to 160 lbs in 10 months and my waist dropped to 30 inches. I had to slow down because I was getting to small. People thought I had cancer or AIDS.

Not only did I feel and look better, but the best thing was my new female clothes at 8/10 size.

Over the past 3+ years, I have kept the weight down. I am now about 170 lbs. I want to get back to 165lbs. I tried since October of this year to get back down. I made it on December 29th, I weighted in at 165.4.

This year I am going to try to get down to 159 lbs by January 2016.

I want this weight because I will be ready for HRT and I want to be underweight when I start. Then during the first 60 days, I will keep my weight down while the hormones take over. Once they do, I will gradually let my weight increase, hoping that the weight will appear it hips,thighs, buttox and chest. I have Gynecomastia, so I will start my chest from a good foundation.

I will report my progress every two weeks. I have got to figure out how to report it. Hopefully, I will use tables and charts to show my progress during 2015. Today, January 1, 2015, I start at 169.7 lbs with a 31 inch weight.

I am wearing 30 inch pants and they are a little snug but not tight. My weight increased since Monday because I did not exercised this week and ate too much Tuesday and Wednesday. The 4.3 lb gain from Monday morning until Thursday morning is not unexpected. Its mostly a full stomach.

I weight myself with the same scale at the same time each morning.

One change I have already made is to eliminate diet sodas. I was (am) hooked on Coke Zero.

I have changed to flavored Seltzer water. I made this change just before Christmas and eventhough I eat like a pig over the Christmas and still lost weight.

I was drinking too much Coke Zero and Diet Root Beer, at least 2 liters a week, minimum.

Follow me and if you want, join me on this 2015 weight loss journey.

Remember my goal is 159 lbs by December 31, 2015. Almost 11 lbs or 1 lbs per month.

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