Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday January 23, 2015 - Buying Boots

My last stop on my Femboy trip was to a new shoe store, next to the new Walmart that is down the street from the electrologist.

I like Shoe Show because like Payless, they carry women size 12. Their shoes are more stylist than Payless.

I decided to try on some shoes. I usually try on flats even when in boy mode. But I decided to try on boot and heels today.


I tried on a brown boot. The problem I have with this boot is how it "swallows" my legs. My legs are too small for the boot.. I like the top of the boot to hug my leg. This boot is too wide at the top.

 The round toe makes my foot look smaller and I like the buckles. 

Next I tried on a creme boot. This boot had the same problem in that it "swallows" my legs.  This boot is too wide at the top.

 Its a plain looking boot and I like buckles and or fur on my boots to give them character.

The round toe was nice, but I did not like these at all.

Finally I tried on a pair of ankle boots with a heel. I like the color but most of all, I like the way this boot closes around the top of my ankle. My ankles are skinny. But this boot looks nice around my ankle. The heel makes it questionable for my Femboy look. But maybe. Right now I would definitely buy it for women mode.

I had a good time trying on boots. I need to find that right boot with the round toe, the right color/texture and they need character with buckles that hug and frame my legs. Spring shoes are arriving now, so I may have to wait until next fall.

I enjoy shopping as a Femboy because I do not worry about passing. You can tell I am a guy showing my feminine side and I have yet to have an issue with that.

In tomorrow's post, I will discuss the three open toe heels I tried on. I loved them and the french tip nail polish looked good in the shoes.

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