Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday January 5, 2015 - My daily under garments

It does not matter, whether I am in boy mode or femboy mode, I wear women underwear everyday.

It allows me to stay in touch with my femininity all day, everyday. I am know use to wearing a bra and panties. I started in 1990, when my desires came back strong, after a recent purge.

So its been 25 years.

Here is my Pinterest Board, showing a black ensemble for daytime underwear.

Follow Susan's board My Daily Under Garments on Pinterest.

I have gynecomastia, so I wear a sports bra everyday. Now that I lost all that weight, it did not reduce my breasts that much. I was happy about that but it means I need a bra. I match my bra with a pair of panties. I have over 20 bras with about 100 pair of panties. I mix and match them by color, based on how I feel that day. 

During the winter, I have a set of lace chemises in a variety of colors that match my bra and panty set.
My leg wear is based on the weather. During cold days, I wear tights and during hot and warm days, I wear trouser socks or knee hi stockings. My legwear will match either my undergarments or outer clothes with matching shoes. The color depends on what I am wearing on the outside and my shoes.

When in femboy mode, I try to match my outerwear and underwear.

I remember my mother telling my sister to always wear nice underwear without holes and rips. I listened.


  1. There is something nice about being underdressed. I wear pantyhose under my slacks almost all the time. In recent years when I am home on weekends I will wear it without socks. At work I need socks.
    Lately I have also been wearing a bra and cami. I find my bras fit better with a little padding and I have a pair of 'chicken cutlet' enhancers that work. My wife can always tell when I have my bra and 'man boobs' but I do not think that others notice.


    1. As a femboy, I like being underdresses. Its easier to blend in. I wear a nice piece of jewelry to stand out. Once, I read an article that stated a woman should wear something subtle but stands out.

  2. I wear womans undies everyday. Weekends it goes up several notches with bra, cami, slip, and pantyhose if its cool enough. Also a womans scent is nice. Chanel or bulgari. Been wearing womans jeans and a nice top, not to femme, just enough.