Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday January 21, 2015 - Electrology

My first stop on Wednesday was my now weekly 1 hour electrology session. Every Tuesday I will spend 1 hour is the chair, getting those last few facial hairs zapped.

As I stated in a previous post, this is phase 2 of my transition. The first was weight loss and now I am coming to the end of a long two years trip through beard elimination.

I spend the last 24 months traveling to Dallas, Texas to have 16 sessions with E3000. It was expensive traveling from Atlanta to Dallas and then spending over 100 hours having my face cleared over and over again. Denise and her team are great and treat the trans community great.

The first time, it took 14 hours over two days the clear my face. Today, it was done in little over 1 hour. The Atlanta company I use in great. They do not use lidocaine, like E3000, so you feel the sting. But its not much and I keep telling myself, beauty hurts.

That Lidocaine allows you to hand 7 hour sessions. I use to fall asleep during those early Dallas sessions.

Southside Electrolysis Center, does a great job and they are very friendly toward our community. This is only my third session. I have attended in Femboy and male modes. The owner has no problem with how I appear. 

I find that everywhere I go, as long as I appear and act like a regular male, female or femboy, I have no problems and have been accepted by all businesses.

As I reach out, I am going to get outside my comfort neighborhood and venture out into a different area and see the response. I suspect there will be little negative reaction.

Anyway, back on tract. My face did not swell much. This picture is my face about 1 hour after the treatment. There was slight swelling under the lip, which is a very sensitive area.

If you can get to Atlanta, try this company. They are located near the airport.  

Southside Electrology Center
2758 Felton Dr.
East Point, GA 30044

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