Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday May 15, 2015 - Wednesday's Shoe shopping

Wednesday, after my electrology session, I went shoe shopping. I wanted to find a few nice heels that fit my large (size 12 Ugh!) feet. I am not going to buy today, but just try on and look.

As I walked in to the local Shoe Show store, with my yellow and green outfit, the store was busy.

The cashier at the front said hello and welcome and I returned the hello.

I walked over to the woman's section with heels. As I walked, I noticed a young pre-teen boy staring at me. He did not say anything. No one else said a word and most of the ladies did not notice or give me a second look.

But I felt this young boy had an interest in me. I do not know if he is part of our community, but I made sure I acted with self-confidence and dignity while smiling. Just in case, I was an indirect teacher and mentor for him. As I looked at heels, I noticed him walking away with his mom and he looked back at me as he turned the corner.

I wanted to say hello and talk to him, but that was not the place nor the time. I hope that minute of interaction will have a positive impact on him.

Below are the six pair of heels I tried on. I did not like any of these shoes I tried on nor any of the other shoes on display.

This tan shoe felt nice. But I did not like the way it wrapped around my ankle and my heels. My toes looked good in them and I liked the straps across the middle of my feet. But the back and ankle appear to not fit my feet.

I would not buy this shoe because of the rear section of the shoe.

This silver shoe was nice. But the base of the front of the shoe was too small. My big toes was slightly hanging off the side of the shoe. There needs to be a slightly longer and wider base.

I liked the color and the silver straps across my foot.

The heel was high but nice.

I would not buy this shoe because of the front base.

The next four shoes were black.

This was a black velvet shoe. I liked the feel of this shoe. It was the best looking shoe I tried.

However, I do not want a black velvet shoe. Also, I am not thrilled with the front design.

This was a weird looking shoe. It was a wedge with a zipper in the back. The front ankle straps can be unbuckled.

When I tried on this shoe, I did not like how it felt or looked. You can notice a bow in the left side of the show around the base of the ankle. I tried to buckle and unbuckle the shoe in order to straighten out the side of the shoe. But I was not able to straighten it out. It appeared as though the show has a design flow that creates this buckle. At least the design does not work on my feet.

So I definitely do not like this shoe.
This is a black wedge. It was a different looking shoe. It fit well but I did not like the look. Its unique and maybe designed for a younger woman.

I might work, if I wanted to have a younger look when going out to the club. But its not really for me. Its just not my style.

This was a nice slingback shoe. I did not like the heel. It was too boxy.

Also the rear strap was in poor condition. The strap looks good from this picture, but on the other side the strap was loose. There was not buckle on this strap. It was an elastic ban which looked out of shape. So the strap is not tight around my ankle.

I like the boxy front because it makes my foot look smaller.

But I would not purchase this shoe.

I tried on six pair of shows over 45 minutes and would not buy any of them. I did not like the shoe design or the shoe did not fit well.

I just purchased two pair of flat shoes from Shoe Show. I am wearing the green pair today.

But their choice of heels in this store are currently poor.

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