Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday May 8, 2015 - My friends

Yesterday, I spent the day at an Atlanta Convention about aerial drones. A longtime friend of mine works for a company that is selling these drones to non military commercial businesses. We have known each other since elementary school. Our mutual friend, who lives in Atlanta joined us for a rare day of hanging out.

I had fun and those drones are amazing. They will revolutionize transportation, product delivery, farming and security.

But I felt some gender dysphoria all day,  as I saw women wearing nice casual outfits. I found myself watching what other women were wearing and comparing their outfits to what I would have worn. Or determining whether I could or would wear their outfit.

As a Femboy I would have worn white capri with a colorful top. My flats would match a color found in my top. The jewelry would match a second color in my top.

 I could have presented as a Femboy with any problems. Here is what I would have worn.

The above rose and white outfit would have been colorful but understated. The jacket would keep me warm while framing my outfit. It gives a more professional look while walking through the exhibit hall and talking to the salespeople.

The lace shoe gives a more feminine touch, but I felt a little more feminine yesterday, even with the Femboy look. Why not stretch the look a little.

The pendant would be on a long gold necklace that would place the pendant slightly below my breast line. I wanted to draw the eye down toward the unique blouse design.

The bracelets of rose and diamond with give some elegance to the outfit. Below in my pocketbook.

One day soon, I will go to a large convention exhibit as a Femboy or women and just be me.

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