Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday May 31, 2015 - Shoe shopping

While out Thursday, I decided to go to the Payless Shoe store next to the wig shop. I like their shoes better than Shoe Show.

I drove the short distance from the Beauty Store to the Payless store because it was raining. If it was not raining, I would have walked over to Payless.

As I walked in the store, the clerk said hello and I returned the hello.

I went straight to the aisle with my size, women 12. I did not see any high heels that I liked. But I did see and try on some flats and a few sandals.

I like these flats. They match my pants and I was looking for a nice pair to match them. Being multi-color will allow me to use these flats with other skinny jeans I have.

I did not intent to buy any shoes today. But at $17.00, the price was right. I decided not to buy because if it were up to me I would spend all of my money on shoes and clothes. And now wigs.

So at some point, I have to say no and just wait. I have other things I need to buy, like finishing my electrology sessions.

The following pictures are two sandals I tried on.

 I like the color of these sandals but not the style. The metal front pendant is nice and the straps have a leather look to them.

They felt comfortable. Like the slight wedge heel. The problem I have with this shoe can be seen with the next picture.

This picture shows the back of this sandal. I do not like sandals with an open back because it makes my feet look longer. This sandal fits well and my heel sits well on the back of this shoe. I just do not feel confident enough to wear a shoe with an open heel that does not have at least an ankle strap on the back.

This is a silver sandal that I liked. I liked the way it framed my feet and the large silver front panel made my feet look smaller. My toes followed the front curve of the shoe and my back heel sat well on the back. My heel was not hanging over the back or too short.

I have this internal issue about my feet being too big. But overall I feel my feet are cute and I work at keeping them looking nice. With this shoe, I feel more confident because of the back straps.

This sandal does has a nice back that frames my heel. I would buy this sandal and wear it because of the color and how it makes my feet look.

It was a very comfortable shoe.

The above three shoes were the only ones in my size that I liked. I did not buy any of them, but I am going to come back and buy the flat and silver sandals.

The silver sandal and my painted toe nails maybe too feminine for my Femboy look. I will have to think about it over the next few days.

During this part of my journey, I enjoy shopping and leaning. However, I would like to find some shopping partners.

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