Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday May 2, 2015 - I finally got called out in public for wearing women sneakers.

Last night, I was called out in the grocery store for wearing girl sneakers by a three year boy.

Let me setup the situation first. Last night I went to the gym to burn off this extra weight. I decided to wear my pink outfit. I completed 60 minutes of exercising just before the gym closed.

After I left the gym, I decided to go to Krogers to cash a money order. At the money center, there was a lady being served who had three young boys with her. There ages appeared to be 2, 3 and 7. 

While I was waiting in line the young boys were being boys and playing around and getting into stuff. The second cashier asked if she could help me. I told her I wanted to cash a money order. She took my ID and the money order and walked to a Western Union computer.

While I was waiting, the 2 year old said hello. I said hi and he told me he had some money (it was a penny). The 3 year old then stated that it was his money. I told them to put it in the bank and save it for college.

The 2 year old then wanted to slap five, which I did. Then the 3 year old asked to slap five. Then I showed them how to ask ask for change (reverse the slap).

Then out of no where the 3 year old asked me why I was wearing girl sneakers. Without skipping a beat, I told him, boys can wear any color and that the sneakers matched my T-shirt. The 7 year old came to my defense by telling the younger boys that I was right, boys can wear purple, pink or any color.

I followed up by saying that the color in my sneakers matched my socks, pants and shirt and that I liked the look.

The boys did not say anything  nor did the mom, who was still on the phone. The boys moved on by asking me to high five again. At that age,their minds are moving fast.

I know others heard our conversation and no seemed to respond, everyone just kept doing their activity.

I received my cash from the cashier and told the boys goodbye. They waved as I left. 

As I left, I thought about my grand children and how my granddaughter talks about boy vs girl stuff. I wrote a post about it. In that post, I learned that boys and girls should have equal access to the whole closet, if we are going to have truly equal rights.

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