Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday May 12, 2015 - Electrology and Femboy Day

If it's Tuesday, its my weekly electrology session and Femboy day. However, not today. Booo... Hissss....

The main problem with my early transitioning is that I have my feet firmly in both worlds. Part of my world still requires my boy mode.

Today, I have many errands and meetings that require me to be in both modes. So the default mode is boy.

My Femboy plans today are:
1) My weekly electrology appointment at 10 am - I will have to reschedule.
2) My weekly Goodwill shopping - Senior Day - I wanted to look for a few more causal outfits similar to the picture on the left.
3) It's my brothers birthday, I was going to take him out for lunch or dinner as a Femboy. He knows about my transition and I have spent time with him in Femboy mode. So I was looking forward to talking with him about taking him out for his birthday and if he would be OK with me going "dressed".

My Boy mode plans today are:
1) My friend from elementary school was in Atlanta last week for an aerial drone convention. He left his car at my house as he flew home for Mother's Day (wife and daughter). I am picking him up this morning from the Airport, so he can pick up his car and drive to a few sales calls in Florida. Also, he needs to work out of my office for part of the morning. Hopefully, he can join me later in taking my brother out.

2) I have to go to my "old" job today to take care of some paper work at HR and my old department. It's still tough after 35 years to call that my old job. The time moves so fast. This is one reason why I am addressing my gender issues now. I hope to have at least 24 more years on this Earth. 24 years use to seem like a long time. But after watching 35 years fly by, 24 years does not seem that long.

BTW, why 24 years? My grandfather lived to 82, my father, 76. I always jokingly told them, I would live longer than them. But I was not joking. Another 24 years will allow we to tell them I won, when I see them again. I have these Dad, Granddad  issues because all three of us have the same name. These issues kept that closet door tightly closed.

Its days like this that really frustrate me. But I promise I will get out later this week.

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