Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday May 6, 2015 - Yesterday, I took time shopping for shoes

Tuesday, after my electrology session, I went shoe shopping. I was looking for a few more spring flats and just try on some heels. I am not ready to buy any heels, because I am not out as a women yet. I have a few pair and I use them to practice walking and to experiment with dresses and a more feminine set of outfits.

I mentioned in yesterday's post (see below) that the sales lady gave me such a nice compliment. This was the second time, I received such a compliment at that store. The last time was during the winter and a young 20+ year old who was helping her mother buy some shoes for a wedding, stated how put together I looked and she linked my style.

Before the compliment, I had placed two flats at the front counter. The store was relatively busy for 11:30 am and it took me awhile to find the correct size, so I put them on the counter just in case. I think the store was busy because of the buy one get one 50% off sale. That is why I bought two pair.

I bought a mint colored flat and a white pair. They were from the same company but the style was slightly different. The sizes ran small. Usually, I buy 12 medium, since I lost that weight. But the 12 medium from this company was tight. So I tried on both a 12 wide, a 13 medium and a 13 wide. The 13 medium size fit the best.

I bought the white pair for the summer and my capri pants. The white pair have small holes along the side. They are kind of  "plain jane" looking, but I like them with outfits in which I want to show off the outfit and not the shoes. These white shoes will just blend in.

The mint pair are also for the summer to give me some color. I like the mint pair because it has a little feminine string bow and fit well

After I put these two pair on the counter, I looked for some more ankle socks for exercising and shoes laces that match my gym tops. I could not find anything I liked at this store. So I just bought those flats.

While purchasing my new shoes (cost for both pair $17.28 because of BOGO 1/2 off), the cashier asked if I found any shoe laces I liked. I told her that I needed a 36" set of laces and they only has 45" laces. She mentioned I might find them at Walmart. I told her I do not like shopping at Walmart. She agreed and gave me a high five. We both stated we knew people who worked there and they were poorly treated. However, we both agreed that its the store of last resort, so sometimes you end up there. I told her I would check some other stores first.

Next I needed to get some oil for my car and pick up my eye drop medicine. Both stores closer to my house and across the street from each other. The eye drop medicine is at the Kroger pharmacy and next to Kroger is another Show Shoe. I will discuss my time at Kroger and Autozone tomorrow.

The rest of this post is about my visit to the second Shoe Show.

At the second store, they have a better variety of shoes. I found this heel that I really like. While I was trying it on, a young lady with a child and a young trans girl walked into my area. The Trans girl was more of a young feminine guy. This is the first time, I had a fellow femboy shopping around me. She said hello and that she was looking for a pair of heels for a party tonight. Both she and her friend liked the heels I was trying on. They said the pair looked good on my feet and they loved my pedicure.

We talked for awhile as all three of us shopped for heels. The young lady with a child was looking for a black pair for everyday wear. The fellow femboy was looking for a lower heel she need for a house party tonight.

They could not find a pair that fit and I was not going to spend my limited money on heels that I would not wear anytime soon.

It was great shopping with a group of women. It made me miss my friend even more.

I enjoyed my shoe shopping yesterday. I am now very comfortable as a Femboy. And my voice is getting better. I am learning to speak through my head, between my mouth and nose area. It's going to take a lot of practice and these Femboy days are a good time to practice.


  1. Hi Susan! My first comment but I have been following your blog for almost a month now. It is nice to hear that you are bonding with other women and that you are feeling more confident as a femboy. I am really happy for you. Also, those shoes look really cute!! I hope you can show us pictures of the other heels you have! ^-^

  2. I appreciate you following my blog. Here is a link to a past post with pictures of heels I own and ones I just tried on.