Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday May 9, 2015 - Some Fem-Time today

Once a week, I try to spend some time working on my feminine body.

This morning, I am going to take a nice warm bubble bath. I use Avon Skin-so-Soft and bubble bath. I will soak and read a fashion magazine or two. Then I do a complete body shaving. I have been doing this for so long that it does not take very long. The Skin-so-Soft will provide the slickness that will allow the shaver to cut the hair stubble without nicks.

Once I get out, I will take a quick shower to make sure all of the hair stubble is off.

Once I am out of the show, I will put on one of my nice soft pink robes and complete my morning lotion routine.

This routine includes:
1) cleaning my face with witch hazel,
2) using Vitamine E and my DIY lotion on my face
3) Vaseline in my feet
4) baby oil on the legs, arms and main body

Next, I will take some time to give myself a manicure. I need one today. I am right handed and all of my right hand nails have broken off. My left hand nails are long and look good. I hate to do this, but I will cut my left hand nails down toward the length of my right hand nails. Yuk! But the difference is too great. I need to keep trying to learn how to use my right hand without breaking the nails so quickly.

My manicure will include buffing my nails,  shaping the left hand nails and pushing back my cuticles. Then I am going to add clear nail polish. I recently purchased a new brand of nail polish from CVS. I hope the it will last longer than my last brand which started peeling off within 2 days.

My toes still look great from my pedicure a few week ago, so I will leave my toes alone.

This fun time will last about 2 to 2.5 hours. I will distress, relax and get in touch with my inner self.

I have some computer work to complete, so I will dress in a casual feminine look, which is more feminine than my Femboy look. I am thinking about my open toe wedges and a skirt with a nice blouse and makeup.

Later today, I will go to the gym and watch the Atlanta Hawks game at 5 pm est. I will probably complete 90 to 120 minutes of cardio on the elliptical.

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