Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday May 30, 2015 - Wig Shopping

After my electrology session on Wednesday, I went wig shopping. On Tuesday, I called the sales lady I bought my last wig from. She works in a beauty supply store I visited in December  2014 (Old Post).  We hit it off when I met her and I decided to buy a wig from her that December day.

So, I called her and told her I wanted to spend some time and have her help me find some more wigs. We decided that around 1 pm would be a good time.

I expected to stay about 1 hour and ended spending 3.5 hours learning about wigs and trying on a variety of wigs.

I had a great time. She is so nice and helpful. She treated me like one of the girls and I felt so comfortable and relaxed. One of the reason, I bought my last wig from her, is that she constantly had clients coming by just to say hello. All of her customers were so nice to me. They used female pronouns and gave me their opinions along with their tips and tricks.

The same thing happened on this trip. The first lady who came in while I was there, came by just to say hello. She ended up trying on three wigs and bought one. It was fun because we ended up play fighting over two wigs. Both of these wigs looked good on both of us. I told her, I was going to buy them, but she wanted them too. She wanted the display model because the new wigs in the box took too long to adjust. She told me that she buys only display models because they have been worked on and have more body to them.

Back to our "fight", I felt that since I tried the display model first, I should have the first rights to it. However, she came back with being a long term customer she should have first rights. We laughed about it and she ended up buying one of them. I was not buying today, just trying different hair.

This customer gave me some great advise about maintaining hair and having different wigs for different types of weather, seasons and outfits. Also she has wigs for her sexy days and bummed out days. We even laughed about a wig she had when she wanted to attract an old boyfriend. He always wanted sex when she wore it. Lol. She was so funny.

She wanted to know how I stayed so slim, so I gave her my calorie counting speech and phone app and exercise routine.

A second customer came over while the first customer and I were talking and trying on wigs. This second customer had her too young pre-teen girls in tow. While the first customer went up to pay for her new wig, the second customer sat down and tried on one wig is particular. She was not very friendly and did not talk to me and did not talk much to the sales lady. When the second lady went up to pay for her wig, the first customer came back with her receipt. She and my sales lady talked about how rude the second customer was. I did not think she was rude, she just knew what she wanted.

Then I realized that part of buying wigs at this store was the socialization. We love to talk about things while trying on wigs.

The second customer returned with her receipt and left with her wigs. Once she left, we returned to girl talk and trying on wigs.

I tried on various lengths, colors, styles and curls. I learned a few things about my face. Both my sales lady and the first customer, thought was face allows me to wear a variety of wigs. The first customer complained that her small face means that a wig with too much hair overwhelms her face. I told her that I thought her small face was cute and round which allowed her to wear a large variety of  wigs.

One thing I realized is that when you put on a wig that looks great, you can tell. As soon as you put it on, it says ..... wow! A wig is about how it frames your face. The look it gives you and how it makes you feel. Now I understand why you have a variety of wigs. Just like clothes, it is how you feel that day. The wig can make that outfit pop and/or it can reflect how you feel that day.

When you think about it, the whole female presentation is about your outward expression of internal feelings. I have female feelings that I want to express. I use to think it was a burden but I now know its a gift. By expressing these feelings, I am happier and more expressive.

Below is a slide show of some of the wigs, I tried on. I did not have any makeup on because I had just come from the electrologist. Also, I was trying to find wigs that framed my face and made it more feminine. Finally, I was trying to think out side the box. So some of these wigs did not work for me.

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