Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday May 20, 2015 - Errands from Tuesday

Tuesday was a great day. I went to my electrology session. My face has less hair every week. Usually it taks 1 hour to clear my face. This week, it only took 45 minutes with very little in the mustache area. So I did not shed many tears. I told my technician that once we can clear my face within 30 minutes, we need to move to once every two weeks. I may reach that point by July, which will be about the 6 months point of every week. After July, it may become once every two weeks.

My Femboy outfit was based on skinny blue jeans with a pair of black flats. I had a red spaghetti top with a built in bra shelf. Over the red top was a nice T-shirt and over the T-shirt was a red and green shirt.

It was warm and humid outside, so the above the shirts were light and kept me from sweating thru all three tops.

After my session, I went shopping. Over the next few days, I will write a post about my shoe shopping and another post about my new Femboy tops.

The rest of this post and tomorrow's post are about the other stores I visited.

I went to Camp Creek Shopping Center to rent a car for Thursday or Friday. This was the first store I went to in which they know me in boy mode. I rent cars often from here, when I can not get a good deal at the airport.

I parked and went into the store. My normal clerk was there. She greeted me by name. I asked her how much a car for 1 day (either Thursday and Friday) would cost.

She then stopped and asked me if I was in costume. Wow. I said no. At least she realizes I look different. I told her this is me and I am expressing who I really am.

She asked me to step back so she could come around the counter and see my complete outfit. She stated that she liked my shoes, my skinny jeans and my necklace.

She did not mention my shirt or other jewelry. I though about that. Did she not like it? Was she just highlighting the parts she liked the best. When I pickup the car, I will ask her.

It was neat that she accepted me and we continued talking about thinks we normally talk about. I know she would accept me because I am a paying customer. But we normally talk about a lot of things. And that continued. She did not treat me any different nor did I feel any difference from her.

I left so confident. I decided to go to the Comcast store across the parking lot. I needed to update the cable box. This was going to be another test because this store is usually crowded and I may have to wait in line for awhile. Also, I am going into a store that I do not go into often and there could be a risk.

I parked in the shade, around the corner. So I had to talk to the store. As I reached the store entrance, a man opened the door for me. I said thank you. Once in, there was no waiting to see a clerk. So I walked up to a male clerk. He said hello and asked for my drivers license and information about me. Once I gave him my information, he gave me a new cable box. I asked him a few questions about my bill and what new services will be available because of this new box. As I talked, I tried out my new softer voice and tried not to talk from my throat or chest by from my head. I cable box was big. So I held it with both hands out front. In boy mode, I would have held it under one arm. But I wanted to not appear too strong.

The Comcast store visit when well. Both the car rental and cable store visits were a new experience for me. They both had risks but they both went well.

As I let the cable store, I received a call from my client about or day trip to look at some property. We decided to make it a Friday trip. So I decided to head back to the car rental store and make my order.

Tomorrow, I will continue discussing my running of errands.
1) Going back to car rental store
2) CVS
3) Walgreens
4) Beauty Salon


  1. It is always nice to read about your ongoing adventures as you stretch to gender envelope.
    I would be heartened by the fact that the clerk at the car rental place pinged on three obviously female items (girl shoes, girl jeans and the necklace). You cannot expect her or anyone to comment on each and every item that you were wearing. she affirmed your selection of the three most visialbe female articles. As Rod Stewart sang in Maggie Mae you must "wear it well".

    1. Thanks Pat. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.What you said makes alot of sense to me. I was looking at it wrong. I need to think about what she did compliment and not what she did not compliment.