Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday May 22, 2015 - Tuesday's Goodwill Shopping

I need to find some more summer tops. I have mostly T-Shirts and a few regular shirts. But I need to find some unique tops that have a feminine look but not too feminine.

I decided I was going to try two different Goodwill stores. I went to the stores in Jonesboro and Fayetteville. I am a regular at both stores in both boy and femboy mode.

I spent a few hours searching for and trying on the tops.. There were so many options that  I decided to buy tops that had the 50% off tag.

Below are some of the items I tried on and include the ones I bought. I did not take a picture of all of the tops I tried on. Just the ones  I liked best. I did not find a nice summer hoodie that fit and had a 50% off price tag. I am going to look for some at another Goodwill store next week.

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