Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday May 3, 2015 - My brother had more questions

Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon with my brother. I was helping him with his new business and he asked me last Saturday, after watching the Bruce Jenner interview, that he had more questions about my gender gift.

Then later last night we went to our cousin's fight party. I did not get home until 3 am. I am still tired and my head hurts from drinking too much.

I had three wine coolers :-}.

I am not a drinker. People often ask why I do not drink. I tell them, that I always wanted to be the designated driver in high school and college. But the really reason, was that I was afraid my secret might slip out.

One of the main problems my brother is having is separating gender and sexuality. The Jenner interview confused him because he always thought, as many people that you must be gay, if you crossdress or want a gender change.

As I explained the difference to him, it occurred to me that I took for granted that it would be easy for people to understand us, once it was explained correctly. But I think, he is still trying to understand the difference. This misunderstanding is due to decades of misinformation.

Then I thought more about it. I have another cousin who has a gift of music. His father and uncle were well known music artists. He wrote his first song which was published on an album by 10 years old. He went on to have a very successful music writing career. I was always amazed at how he could tune a piano by just listening to it and read and write music. He can listen to a song and see the notes playing in his mind. I went to a recent concert with him and he commented about the singer and band as they were playing. The comments were both good and bad, but I could not tell the difference. Heck, I could not hear anything he was talking about. It was more than just an untrained ear.

Even though he has explained it to me, I just can not get it. At the other end, he can not understand technology. He only recently began to text and his internet use is rare and he does not use social media. Last week, I had to show him how to use his smartphone (a recent upgrade from a flip phone) as an internet hotspot. He was amazed by that.

I have the gift of gender fluidity. It allows me to be a more understanding and inclusive. I understand a woman's feeling toward not only clothes but other issues like a man's reaction to women in the workplace or in public. I will often come to a woman's aid when I see wrong. When talking to women, I understand them better than men.

Like with me and my cousin's music gift, my brother is having some difficulty understanding my gift. So I am going to take my time and help.  He is supportive and generally understanding. I have visited him when in femboy mode. But his old notions are being questioned.

I am going to slowly introduce more of my femininity to him. For example, I am not going to ask him to go out with me while dressed in my femboy outfits anytime soon.

I love my brother and he loves me. So starting from a base of love, it will all work out.

This is one reason why the Jenner interview will be transformative. Its going to make the public think and eventually understand us in a more enlightened way.

I now believe some people have a negative view of us and do not understand our gift, partly due to decades of misinformation.

Polling shows, that once people know someone with our gift, they are much more likely to have a positive and supportive view of us.

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