Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday May 21, 2015 - Tuesday's Femboy day continues

After I left the Comcast store, I went back to the car rental store to make my reservation. My favorite clerk was still there. She greeted me as I walked in. This time a second female clerk was there. I has seen her before and she said hello.

I told my friend that I needed the car for Friday. I will pick it up Friday morning and return in Saturday morning. She made my reservation. I talked to both ladies for a few minutes about the upcoming holiday weekend. I forgot this weekend was the Memorial weekend. That was why rental rates were so high.

While talking with them, I practiced a softer more female voice. One thing I noticed, is trying to project the voice thru my head with enough volume (power) to be heard. Sometimes, I was asked to repeat what I said.

Also my voice is not strong enough yet and sometimes I drop down into my throat. This voice thing is hard and will take time.

As I left, I noticed my right thumb nail broke. Darn!

So I decided while still in the shopping area, I would go to the beauty shop and buy a nail clipper and file.

This store is huge. It was an Barnes and Noble bookstore. I use to go to this bookstore all the time. Now I buy my books online. Its a shame that we are losing brick and mortar bookstores, but the economy is changing.

I parked in the shade and walking into the store. I have been in this store before and went to the nail section. I quickly found an inexpensive nail clipper, but could not find the kind of nail file I was looking for. They had a selection of flat files, but I was looking for a 4-sided block file with the different roughness. I did find a round nail file, but I wanted a block.  See pictures below.

I took the nail clipper up to the cash register. I had to wait in line until one of the four clerks was free. The next available clerk called me up. I said hello and she asked if I found everything. I told her that I was looking for a nail file block but only saw flat files and this round file. I told her my nail chipped off and I need to fix it before it got worse. She said that is why she has acrylic nails.  I said I was trying to keep my nails natural but my right hand continues to have nails break because I am right-handed. My left hand nails look good and they stay long. She said I should try press on nails. My problem with press on nails are the size. She said they do not carry the larger sizes but told me of a place where I could find them.

So I paid for my nail clipper and thanked her for the advise. On the way out, I really enjoyed talking to the clerk and I can not wait to visit the store she recommended, to see if I can find the larger press on nails.

I decided to go to CVS next, to find a nail file and buy some other items. Before I drove off, I clipped my nail down to give it a basic shape and remove the excess nail.

I walked into CVS to find a nail file. I need to smooth out my nail before it gets caught on something and splits again.

But I could not find a block nail file here either. I picked up some more items and headed for the cashier.

I need to buy some more clear nail polish because my granddaughter broke my new bottle of clear nail polish while she was using it. I had been  having problems with my older clear nail polishes because they flaked off after one or two days.

This last bottle was great. But I do not remember where I bought it. I think it was at the beauty store next to the Shoe Show store by my electrologist's office. So I decided not to buy the clear polish here, but wait until next week and try the other beauty supply store.

Once upfront, the cashier asked if I found everything. I told her that I was looking for a block nail file. She stated they no longer carry that style but had the new round file. I am not ready to try that, so I told her that I will keep looking.

I paid for my items and left. I parked toward the side of the store because there were some shaded parking spaces. So as I walked to the car, I practiced walking tall and straight but taking my time with a shorter stride.

Still looking for a block nail file, I decided to try Walgreens. I found a shaded parking space and walked to the store. Before I got to the front, I noticed a male employee taking a cigarette break outside. There use to be a time, I would make sure I avoided walking pass people. I would either park and wait or go to another store. I no longer think about it. I hold my head up high and continue doing what I had planned. As I passed him, he said hello. I said hello in my practice voice and walked into the store. I am not familiar with the Walgreens store layout, so I stopped to look around. An employee asked if I needed help. I told her what I was looking for and and she pointed me in the right direction and isle for nail care. I found a nail block. Yeah!

I walked around the store, just to see what they had. They had some nice leggings on sale, but I wanted to save my money from Goodwill and I did not need any leggings until fall. So I decided to wait. As I walked around the store, there were other customers. Some of those customers said hello while others were busy shopping. This allowed me to practice looking women in the eyes and smiling. I only say hello if they say a greeting first.

I had not eaten in awhile, so I decided to treat myself to some candy. I bought some white chocolate cover Kitkats. The package was 220 calories. That was OK, given I had not eaten much and I needed to keep my metabolism up.

I walked up to the cashier and the male employee that was outside was now at the cashier. I paid for my candy and nail file and left.

Once, I got back in my car, I opened the nail file package and filed my broken nail to smooth it out. Again, I just want to make sure I do not snag that nail and break it again.

I continued to enjoy my day. For the next two posts will discuss and  my shoe buying at Payless Shoes and my summer tops at Goodwill.

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