Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday May 10, 2015 - Goodwill Shopping

Saturday, I took s few hours to complete some feminizing upkeep. A girl's upkeep is never done.

After I finished, I decided to go to Goodwill. Sunday is the best shopping day because the color changes that day. You have the most pieces available of that new 50% off color. So I wanted to see what was going to be available Sunday by getting an early peek on Saturday.

The only thing I saw and bought was a hat. I am always on the lookout for these types of hats.  I must wear one when out as a Femboy. I have the worst case of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). I do not want to wear my wig, so a female hat works. I now own about 10 of these hat styles in various colors.

Every time I find a new color at the Thrift Store, I buy it.

At the check out counter the cashier asked me if I get manicures. I stated I do my own manicure but I do pay for a pedicure. She stated that my nails looked good and I did a good job. That is why she thought I paid someone.

I accepted the compliment and told her, by doing it myself, I am saving some money. She said she gets hers done for only $10 when getting a pedicure.

I told her, by doing it myself,  this allows me to spend the $10 here at Goodwill on some nice clothes. She laughed and completed my transaction.

We both smiled and I left with my new hat.

I felt really good about the manicure compliment, since I had just finished doing my finger nails.

This is one of the main reasons, I feel so confident going out. I get random compliments and it feels really good. Also, this is why I gave random women compliments about their style, clothing and/or hair. I now know what its like to get that compliment that makes your day.

I have now been to different cities and in all types of situations and I have been well received everywhere.

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