Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday May 17, 2015 - Exercise Yesterday

Yesterday afternoon, I exercised at the gym. I only wear Femboy outfits to the gym. I love mixing and matching outfits based on the overall color that reflects my feelings.

My basic outfit starts with leggings. I match two female T-shirts. One T-shirt matches my leggings and the second T-shirt matches my sneakers and/or my laces.

The outer T-shirt has a low V cut to  show off part the color of the inside T-shirt and a lower hemline to cover my hips. The inner T-shirt matches the leggings and/or sneakers with laces.

Yesterday I wore brown leggings with a brown inside T-shirt. I added an outside green T-shirt and black sneakers with green laces and green ankle socks.

When I signed in at the front desk, the young lady greeted me by name and said hello. I quickly read her badge and added her name to my greeting. T practiced using my softer voice.

It was interesting because I never noticed her or anyone else greet someone by name.

I now feel confident and comfortable while exercising in my outfits. I love wearing them and it helps motivates me to go to the gym and workout a little longer.

I worked out 15 minutes on the StairMaster to warm up. Then added 90 minutes on the elliptical machine. I am going back to the gym today and watch the NBA game which starts at 3:30 pm est. If I am going to watch the game, why watch it in the living room?

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