Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday May 29, 2015 - Thursday Electrology Session

Thursday was another Femboy day that started with an electrology session. I rescheduled my Tuesday's appointment for Thursday.

I had a great session. It only took 45 minutes to clear my face. This is the same time it took last week.

So the technician and I agreed that I would move to a once every 2 week schedule. Therefore, I am really getting to the end. Now it will only take about an hour to clear two weeks of regrowth.

Eventually, we will move to once a month and then that should finish it.

My tech told me that my face not only looks good but the discoloration under my neck is disappearing. I told her that I am doing the lemon facial every two to three weeks and my face feels soft and smooth.

It has been close to 2.5 years and over 120 hours of work, but my face is getting there. I am slowly forgetting what shaving everyday was like.

After my session, I went to Quiktrip for lunch. I had not eaten all day. I got a hot dog with all the toppings and a doughnut. I treated myself to a doughnut because I needed the calories by that time and I was in a good mood. Also, I handled the pain of electrology, so I thought I should get a treat..

The store was crowded and I had to wait to fill my cup with ice and water. Remember, I no longer drink diet sodas, so I have settled on ice water. Plus, the ice water is either free on $0.25 depending on the Quiktrip store and cashier.

As I said, it was crowded with a good diversity of people and I felt very comfortable with no issues. I say hello or smile when I pass women. I look them in the eyes.

After eating, I went wig shopping, shoe shopping and ran some errand all day. I will discuss those adventures over the weekend.

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