Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday May 28, 2015 - Femboy Day

Wednesday, I spend the day in Femboy mode. I wore my black jeggings and new black top with my black and gold Payless flats. I added a necklace, two bracelets (one black and the other silver) and a few silver-based rings. I wanted the jewelry to have a black and silver look. My hat was black and white and my earrings clear with a silver base.

I was working at home and was out and about. I went to my brothers condo first. He has seen me in Femboy mode. We had a good time. He is starting an ebay store, so we talked about that.

He treated me the same. I think he is getting use to it because he no longer asks questions about my look.

After awhile we decided to go run some errands. I did not know if he would want to go out with me. But he suggested we go out.

He had to go to Aldi, the grocery store. So he drove his car and he found a parking space up front. He went in first because I had to take a phone call. I quickly joined him in the store and we walked around looking for a few items he wanted.

I was checking out some of their items and the calorie count. Again, I thought there might be an issue on his part about being with me and my look. But he did not shy away and we just talked and walked the small store. There were many people in the store and everyone was busy shopping.

After Aldi, I had to go to the Bank of America ATM.  My brother parked at the back and I got out and walked to the front ATM. There was one person in front of me. Once she was finished, I used the ATM to make a deposit.

There were customers constantly coming in and out of the front door. I made sure I stood tall with my back straight and hips slightly tilted. Once I finished, I slowly walked to the car and went back to his place. I soon left to get back home. There were two men coming to the house to do some electrical work and outside gutter work.

On the way home decided to get something to eat. I had not eaten all day but I was running to get home to meet the repair guy. I decided to go thru drive thru because of time. I would have no issue anymore going inside. I ordered a double hamburger because it has only  340 calories. I added a cup of ice water. At the pay window, the young lady took my money and told me to drive up. At the second window, another lady smiled as she added me my food and I returned the smile with a thank you.

After a couple of hours at home, the repairman arrived. I was still in Femboy mode and I opened the door. He said hello and shook my hand. I showed him where the problem was and told he we had some water damage and we needed the ceiling lights checked and ceiling fan replaced. He was referred by the floor guy. While I was there, the repair man called the floor guy.

It was interesting because the repair man stumbled over which pronouns to use when referring to me. He sais she a couple of time and I felt honored. But I walked away so he could talk without me hearing and I assumed he would feel more comfortable.

This is the second time I met someone at the house as a Femboy. The other guy was the insurance adjuster. Everything went well that time and this time.

After about 30 minutes, the guy was finished and he will be back later to remount the lights and ceiling fan, once the drywall has been replaced.

I worked at home the rest of the day. I had many calls to make and some reports to finished.

As I thought about my day, I knew I was ready and could do this Femboy mode full-time. I hope to start that in 6 to 12 months, once I complete my electrology sessions and my new career stabilizes

Over the next 6 to 12 months, I am going to start working on my makeup, voice and hair (wig).

Then I will begin to move from Femboy to womanhood. I had a great day and I am excited.

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