Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday June 2, 2015 - Electrology Day

Every Tuesday for the past 5 or 6 months, I have been having an electrology session to remove the last of my facial hair. My session will last an hour and my face will be cleared.

This is the first week of no session as my tech and I moved to once every two weeks. This is because it has taken only 45 minutes to clear my face each of the last two sessions.

So this Tuesday I will have my Femboy day. I will get a needed pedicure and visit my friend at the beauty shop. I will purchase those flats I saw last week and shop at Goodwill.

But before I finish this post, I must comment on Caityln Jenner.

When I first was the cover on Huffington Post, I did not know who she was. Once I started reading and realized she was Caitlyn, I was amazed at how great she looked in the cover photo and at how, at peace she was. She looks so elegant.

I was so happy for her. Caitlyn can finally be who she truly is. I have been saying that our transgenderism is a gift. Caitlyn has just given America and maybe the world a beautiful gift that we will be opening for years to come.

As I walk my journey, I can only imagine walking that journey in the glare of public opinion.

I am happy for us more mature ladies in the community. We have what I think is a possible great role model. I think back to watching her win those Gold Medals and to think she was one of us when most of us thought we were alone.

I am happy for the younger generation. I read reddit posts from people wondering if at 25, they are too old to transition. Now they have a 65 year old role model who is looking great.

I am happy for the future generations, yet to arrive that will be able to transition at any age without stigma and shame.

I believe this is another watershed moment and I am so happy to have seen it.

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