Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday June 7, 2015 - Rest of Tuesday

After I left the nail salon on Tuesday, I was getting hungry. I notice when out in Femboy mode, I do not eat. I am just not hungry. That is not good for my system because a lack of food puts my body in starvation mode and my metabolism slows.

So, I need to get something to eat quickly. I decided to go to Racetrac and get a hamburger with some sliced apples. Once I reached the store, I parked up toward the front door and entered the store.

I went to the food area to get a frozen hamburger and a package of sliced apples. Then, I went to the condiment section to warm up the hamburger. The store manager came around the corner and said hello. I returned the greeting. I separated the meat from the bread and threw away the cheese. Once I warmed the bread, I added the condiments to the bread while I waited for the meat to warm. Once warmed, I used a tissue to soak up any excess grease. I put the hamburger back together and went to the soda fountain to get a cup of ice water.

The manager was operating the cash register and asked me if I found everything. I said yes and paid for the food. I denied a request for a bag. The manager referred to me as ma'am during the entire transaction. It felt good. But I  was wondering if the feminine thing to do was was to take the bag and let him put my food in the bag?.

While walking to the car, I was wondering why the manager was so nice. Referring to me as ma'am and saying hello while I was dressing my hamburger. Was he just being nice and supportive? It crossed my mind but I did not dwell on it. It was nice, I accepted it and I moved on.

While eating in the car, I drove over to the beauty supply shop. This is where I tried on a variety of wigs last week (Read Post). I told the sales lady I was going to come back and tell her which wig I liked.

I did not get back to the store as I promised because I forgot I had to go to court for a traffic ticket.

I finished eating and parked in the shade, along the west side of the building. I walked around to the front entrance and walked in.

My sales lady gave me a warm greeting and we hugged. She makes me feel at home and from the first day we met, I enjoy her company. I showed her this blog and we watched my wig slide show.

It came down to the two wigs above. The problem with the wig on the left is the area around the part. How that sits on my head, makes it look like a wig. My sales lady stated that the wig is in a lace-front style that will eliminate that problem.

So we talked about wigs and I opened up to her about my experience at the shop and I how much I appreciated her and her other clients embraced me and that they taught me so much. I did not explain that they taught me more than just wig stuff but about female socialization.

The other sales lady came by and I asked her about her upcoming wedding and how I was turning into a wig addict just like her. We laughed and joked about my sales lady being an "illegal" wig dealer getting ladies addicted to wigs.

I did not purchase a wig. I told her I was coming back next Tuesday to buy one of the two wigs. I am leaning toward the wig with the shorter hair length (right). But I still do not know. I may end up with both.

I had so much fun Tuesday. I have two sets of friends who only know me as Susan. Both sets are ladies and I enjoy their company. I know I am their client and so its partly good marketing on their part. But for me, I am learning and gaining more confidence in my presentation, voice skills and socialization.

My transition continues.

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