Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday June 19, 2015 - Second talk with my sister, did not go so well.

I am in Orlando to visit my mother. I am staying with my sister and arrived last night. After an few minutes, we started talking about my grender fluidity.

Here is the link to the post about our first talk.

My assumption about how my sister dealt with my admission was not accurate. I though she was fine with it. She did not respond in a negative way.

She is not distant with me and is the type of person who is always nice. It's her "bedside manner" as a dentist (maybe chairside manner?) that helps make her always appear friendly and she truly is a nice person. I think she is too nice and people take advance of her.

But like my Dad, she does not externally show when things upset her. But now I beleive as I transition toward Susan, the more I show my outside femininity, the less  comfortable she will become.

It's tough for me to admit, but I will probably see her less. Especially, once my mother passes.

She stated that for two weeks after we talked on April 5, 2015, she was stressed out. She could not sleep and had a hard time concentrating on her work. That is why she would text me and ask me random things about crossdressing, transgenderism and how I felt about Caitlyn Jenner.

Finally, she discussed it with people at her office. The people at the office told her it was OK and she should be happy that I am happy. One person was a Scientologist and stated that they believe in a form of reincarnation and that sometimes the female spirit can end up in a male body for one of its "lives".

(I need to investigate that Scientology theory more to see their beliefs toward gender fluidity.)

It did not bother me that she discussed this issue with her office staff. I like it because the more people talk and learn, the better it is for our community. Polls show that the people who know someone who is transgendered have a more positive attitude about the issue.

The problem came in when she started talking to her Christian friends. My sister and brother-in-law are very religious and "born again". They belong to a small church and preach part-time.

Asking her friends in that community was not so helpful, for me. They stated that I have a second spirit in me that needs to be prayed away. My response was that maybe the male spirit is the second spirit. No, God does not make mistakes and the first spirit is the one that matches your body. So, having a male body means that my main spirit is male and the second spirit is female.

Oh boy!

 Well then I asked about people with birth defects? She said physical defects are not a mistake and God is using them for a reason.

Then how about God using my second spirit for a reason? No, God does not make those mistakes, it's a second spirit that needs to be removed.

She wishes, she knew this about me earlier, because she would have prayed it away.

OMG, is she wanting to perform an exorcism? She did not say that, but she definitely implied it.

You think she can make my head turn around? Lol - Just Damn!

Someone entered the room and we changed the subject. We are going to continue this talk on Friday night. I will let you know in tomorrow's post, how it goes.

This is the first time I told someone and it may affect the relationship.

I may not win her over, but I hope we will be OK.

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  1. Save your time if you are looking into reincarnation. The Scientologists will say whatever it takes to separate you from your money.

    And if your sis can't handle your transtion: It is her problem, NOT yours!

    Stay happy!