Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday June 23, 2015 - Electrology Session

Today is my bi-monthly electrology session. I do not have many hairs left but they now grow longer over the two week period. During the last session, my technician stated that my hairs were long and asked me to cut then but not shave them when I return. Which is today.

So last night I tried to cut the hairs down. I was tough to get the ones under my neck. My cheeks are clear and my mustache area does not have many left. But underr my neck is where the bulk of the hairs remain.

I am going to spend the day dressed, but I can not go out long because I have have so much work to complete.

It is so hot in Atlanta, I need some more capris and light weight blouses. I want to go to Goodwill, but I need to work. I may go to one store for about two hours. Tuesday is Senior Day and I receive a 25% discount.

Today is sunny and hot. So I am wearing yellow with green today. I love these yellow skinny jeans. I am wearing a green and blue flowery blouse. I put my short-sleeve green top over the blouse and added my green hat with green earrings.

My necklace has the yellow stone as a pendant and my bracelets are green and yellow shells on one arm and my new favorite silver bracelet on the other.

I had to wear brown shoes. I need more flats for a better selection.

But I like the look today.

The picture below shows my pendant. Of course its the top one in the picture. I bought it on St Simons Island in Georgia.

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