Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday June 12, 2015 - Hormone Replacement Therapy

I have been learning about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for many years. I have been interested in this since the 1980's. However, until my transition started, HRT was only a dream. But this dream is becoming a reality.

I understand that HRT is serious and that once you begin, its a lifetime commitment unless you want to stop transitioning.

Hormones are very powerful and have a tremendous mental and physical impact on you. Of course, I am excited about the physical changes. But its the mental changes that will have the greatest early impact.

I have found a Doctor in Atlanta that provides treatment to transwomen. I am now a patient but I am not in the transgender clinic. I go for an annual check up. Next year, I will ask to join that part of the practice and by then, they will have a few years of my medical history.

For my research, I subscribe to a yahoo group called:  Ts Do It Yourself Hormones.

Now I am not recommending that you self-medicate. But the group is active with 57 messages in the late week. There are ladies who both self-medicate and/or see a doctor. The good thing about this group is the knowledge base.

You can learn about the various hormone types, delivery system (pills, patch, gels or injection), doses and results. After years of reading the messages, I have decided to take injections, which are recommended for ladies over 50. I will add Dutasteride which blocks testosterone from making DHT. The injected female hormones are strong enough to overtake the testosterone and therefore I am not planing  on taking Spironolactone.

I am about 1 year away and will continue to research this issue.

Also below is a good short video about HRT.

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