Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday June 24, 2015 - Yesterday I told my son-in-law

Yesterday, I had a very good electrology session.The amount of regrowth continues to reduce. Also the lemon facials are clearing my skin, especially under my neck.

I had so much work to do that I decided not to go shopping but to work at home. I stayed dressed and worked upstairs in my office.

My son-in-law came in from work alittle early. He usually gets home by 4 pm. But it was 3:30 pm and I was still working.

In the past he suspected something because he asked by daughter about a pair of skinny jeans I was wearing one day.

So I decided to tell him. I walked downstairs and said hello and asked him how is day was. Without missing a beat he said fine. I sat down at the kitchen table with him and told him I was a crossdresser and had been since I was 8.

He said Ok and that he did not have a problem with it because he had a friend from High School who transitioned into a women about three years ago.

He thought that might be the case because of the jeans I was wearing one day.

I told him that after they move next May, I will wear female clothes more often. I did not get into my future too much. I just figured that I wanted him too know in case he came home early again and that if he brought the children home with him, to text me and let me know.

At this point, my daughter and I both agreed that we do not want the grand children to know until they are a little older.

I went back upstairs and continued working.

Later last night I went to the gym.

Today, I am in boy mode because I have a day long meeting in North Georgia with a client.

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