Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday June 15, 2015 - My work plate is full

I am not only changing my gender but I am also changing my employment. I "retired" from my job at the end of April and expanded my real estate business. Finally, it is catching up to me and I am getting very busy.

So the next few weeks, I will be working many hours at home.

This will give me change to be in Femboy mode everyday. It will be interesting to see how I handle the daily tasks of dressing and makeup. When I need to go out, I will just grab my purse and go.

I do have to go to CVS to pick up a few things, sometime today. But for the most part I will he home working until I hit the gym tonight.

I am going to Orlando later this week, to see my mother and I will stay with my sister and her husband. My sister and I will talk some more about my transition and I am going to talk to my brother-in-law.

Here is my outfit for the day.

I love those white capris. I added blue and silver as my colors today. I have a blue, white and grey top and my black flats with the gold zipper. My hat is silver and white.

This is a nice summer outfit for a very warm day. If I do need to get out, I can just go.

My jewelry includes:
blue pendant with a silver chain,
  1. blue stud earrings, 
  2. silver ankle bracelet, 
  3. silver bracelet on one hand, white
  4. blue bracelets on the other hand.and 
  5. four rings - (2) with a silver base and (2) with some gold and silver

I was running late today, but will be back on schedule tomorrow.


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