Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday June 25, 2015 - My feminizing Day

Every two weeks, I like to take a 1/2 day or full day working on my feminizing routine. I needed to spend only 1/2 day because I had work to complete this afternoon.

So this morning I took my nice warm bubble bath with Skin-so-soft. During this bath, I did a complete body shave. I decided to watch the 3rd episode of New Girls on the Block while I relaxed and shaved. I love the feel after my bath. I enter the shower to soap up and wash my body to make sure all of the loose hair is gone. I also check to make sure I did not miss an area.

After my shower, I complete my daily morning lotion routine. I love the way I look and feel. Next I move on to my hands. This week, my nails look nice. I bought a better clear polish that is still on my nails from my last manicure. I worked hard to not break my nails and I only lost the nail on my right thumb. My nails are getting a little long, so I decided to remove the remaining nail polish and file my nails down just a little. Also they need a little shaping.This is a before picture of my nails

My pedicure is still acceptable but I will probably get one next week. I can tell my nails are growing and taking the polish with them. But the polish itself has not chipped or cracked.

So I decided to leave my feet and toes alone. Now I did use petroleum jelly to lotion my feet after my shower. But nothing else today.

I decided to do a lemon peel facial and exfoliate. I love the feel of my face after my lemon facial. I take a lemon slice and squeeze the juice out. Then I rubbed the slice over my face until my face is covered with juice and pulp.

I waited a few minutes before I washed my face. It feels so smooth after I wash my face. Then I rubbed liquid Vitamin E on my face.

I am going to put on my nice soft lounge outfit and watch episode four of New Girls on the Block. Then I will get back to work.

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