Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday June 22, 2015 - Back In Atlanta

I got back to Atlanta on Sunday morning via the Megabus. I left Saturday night at midnight and arrived in Atlanta at 7:45 am.

The one-way fare was only $18.00. You can not beat that price. I watched a Redbox movie and then slept most of the way. They have a 30 minute food break after 4 hours.

I used Megabus many times when I went to Dallas for my e3000 electrology sessions. I enjoy the trips because I can get work done with the electricity and some WIFI (when in big cities).

I then took the Atlanta transit train (MARTA) to the airport where I was picked and had a Father's Day breakfast at Golden Corral.

After breakfast, I spent some time with my children and took a long nap.

I talked to my two oldest daughters about my sister. They got mad and threatened to call her. She is their favorite aunt and they were disappointed.. However, I told them to give her some more time and lets see what happens. I am not sure if there will be a positive outcome, but I told my daughters that I am OK with it and you can not force people to accept things. Just let them have time to think about it. In the meanwhile, I will keep moving forward.

After my nap, I went to the gym to burn off some of that food I eat while in Orlando.

Then I talked to my middle daughter about her boyfriend of three years. Just some fatherly advise. Tomorrow, I am going to take him to buy a car. This will be his first time buying a new car and I am going to teach him some of my tricks. Plus this will give me a chance to talk to him about some issues my daughter brought up.

So Monday will be a boy mode day. Tuesday will be a Femboy day as I have bi-monthly electrology session and I need to shop for a few more female tops.

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