Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday June 3, 2015 - Pedicure

Tuesday was a Femboy day. I had two outfits to choose from. I chose the white and yellow outfit because it was a nice day outside and I felt summery(?).

I wore:
White Flats from Shoe Show
White Capris from Goodwill
Green Speghetti strap top from Goodwill
Yellow/White checkered shirt from Goodwill
Green hat from Goodwill
Green/yellow bag from Goodwill

Everything matched very well with the white, green and yellow color pallet.

At first I thought it might be too feminine but I felt that way today and went with it. I felt great and got compliments all day about my outfit.

My first stop was a needed pedicure. My last one was over 1  month ago.

Actually 5 weeks ago. Wow time moves faster, the older you get.

But my feet show the lack of a recent pedicure. My nails are getting longer and my polish no longer goes to the nail bed.

I walked into my favorite salon and said hello. I was greeted warming and my regular pedicurist started my foot bath. The owner stopped me an said how nice I looked today and she loved the green/yellow outfit. She pointed out my shoes and pocketbook. I told her I found the pocketbook at Goodwill and the shoes at Shoe Show.

One of the things I like about feminine clothes is the mixing and matching of different items you buy over time. I usually think of a new pallet and slowly build an outfit.

It felt good to be complimented and I felt cute in this outtfit. I removed my shoes, sat in the seat and put my feet in the bath. My regular tech is learning English and is getting better.So we actually talked a little bit this time. Nothing special, just using some of the words she is learning.

I asked the owner how to say hello in Vietnamese. Choa (dow).

I then asked if they offer temporary tattoos. I saw a tattoo service on the service menu. She stated they tattoo eyebrows and lips. I wanted a temporary tattoo on my foot, ankle or arm.

I have never been into tattoos. But I would like a cute colorful feminine but temporary tattoo on my foot or ankle. The one to the left is a good example of what I would wear. I want a temporary tattoo, so I can change it over time. Maybe wear it for a week, then change it.

She gave me the name of a guy who does that type of work around the corner from this nail shop.

I am going to check it out this week.

I mentioned to the owner that I liked her lace dress. She stated has always been a prissy girl and likes that style. It suits her well.

We then spent the next 30 minutes talking about her time in Vietnam, how she came to America and how she worked hard until she opened the nail shop. I enjoyed our talk and learned a lot about her life and the Vietnamese culture.

It was fun talking and practicing a more female voice by talking from my head and not my chest or throat. I was not always successful, but I kept trying

I liked the polish and design. The base color, brown I used last time and I still like it. My tech completed a design in which she added green and yellow to blend into my outfit.

My tech talked more this time than last time. I can tell she is learning basic English, so I helped her with colors and simple phrases. I asked her to translate my English into simple Vietnamese words and phases.

After she finished my nails, she put on the flip flops I brought. The flip flops they provide are too small for my feet, so I bring my own. After she put on my flip flops, I put my feet under the lamp stand to let them dry.

Once dried, I paid the $22.00 fee and added $3 for a tip.

 I left the store in my flip flops and said Choa which is the same as Hello.  I was told I could use it for hello and good bye.

Once in the car, I needed to get something to eat, it was 1 pm and I had not eaten. After I eat, I would head for the wig shop and Payless Shoes.

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