Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday June 20, 2015 - Continued talking to my sister

Last night my sister and I continued or discussion about my gender fluidity.

She still believes a spirit causes this but does not believe exorcism will cure it. She things the spirit entered me 50 years ago when causing my internal issue.

One of the problems with people who believe in strict adherence to a rigid religion is that you can not use logic to show inconsistency in their believes.

 Ok, let's say she is correct, that 50 years ago a spirit contacted me and talked me into wanting to become a girl. Who says that is wrong? Why does that spirit have to come from the "devil" and not God? In other words, why is that spirit evil.

As I said in a previous post, I believe my gender fluidity is a gift (blessing) and not a curse. So I believe the spirit is good.

Whether the spirit is good or evil is based on your core cultural believes. Throughout history other cultural have had transgendered people and many of those cultures welcomed them (some Native American cultures)

The U.S. and other European cultures are now finding acceptance for the lgbtq community.

My sister could not accept that line of reasoning. Which is, the "spirit" is good or evil based on your actions. My second "spirit" has helped me become a better, more caring and understanding person. So the spirit must be labeled good.

Just because I want to wear items in the closet that are not "allowed" due to cultural bias, does not make the "spirit" evil.

Well, we agreed to disagree. But we still love each other.

I asked her, if she would like to see or accept me in my Femboy or woman mode. She said no. Just like my Dad, 20 years ago.

Too bad, it probably means seeing her less as my transition continues. I can see in the future, if she does not change her mind, we will only talk on the phone. That is too bad but I can accept that.

It will be up to her.

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